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Artist Statement

"Imagine tomorrow every single one of the seven and a half billion people on this earth opened their hearts and sang the same melody.

Close your eyes. Imagine that sound.

How each of those billions of voices would echo the same melody, the haunting beauty of this chorus; a melody so universally known it is nothing short of vital to humanity. The song of the Earth.

 A song like that will change the world. A song like that is made of pure light.

I am searching for a theatre of light—a theatre made up of every color and shadow of the rainbow. A theatre of varied stories woven together—a theatre made of the messy harmony of the world’s voices.

I dream this theatre free of hierarchy; where storytelling neither stops nor starts with the curtain, but is ever present; a theatre of shared love.

I have not yet found this theatre, so I am making it  everywhere I can. I am fighting to ignite an art form that brings to light the darkest histories; an art form that holds nothing back. I propose a theatre that raises raw emotion and dresses it in a thousand colors. I want an unapologetic theatre. I want a theatre that fucks things up, only to put them back together in a new way: repairing art in re-formation."

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