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Strings Attached is a solo performance play woven from many intimate stories of love, resilience and severance set against a hunt in North Georgia. This political drama curiously explores how queer love can tear into us, and sew us back together again.

Strings Attached will perform June 19 at 9:30 pm and June 21 at 6:30 pm at Out Front Theatre Company's inaugural season of Lavender Fest.

Tickets available now!

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Solo Performance. Flores caídos is the story of 20th Century, closeted Spanish poet-playwright Federico García Lorca, resurrected into the 21st Century in an unapologetic Out and Proud Queer Latinx Production.

World Premiere: October 15, 2020. Watch on Youtube!

This play received Yale College's Richter Fellowship and Mellon Prize awards. It was later nominated for the  Louis Sudler Prize. 

Read more about Flores caídos!

Sycamore Roots

4 actors, Southern Gothic Realism.

Sycamore Roots explores the definition of "home," and interrogates which ghosts we allow to travel with us when we move.

Commission for Atlanta's famed Horizon Theater. Premiered June 2021.

Watch here!

Just Five Minutes

6 actors, 45 pgs, Dramady, Queer Romance Magical Realism.

Lights up on Tyler, a Buddhist/Jew-"ish" Academic and Jay, an Atheist Afro-Cuban DJ as they fall into and out of each other.

This play interrogates the extremes of secular infinity and divine nothingness.

Accepted into: The Schwartzman Center's "The Wandering" and Horizon Theater's New South Young Playwrights Festival.


149YK is an audio-visual history project blending ethnography, architecture with modern dance through augmented reality.

149YK tells the history of the building located at 149 York Street, New Haven Connecticut. Originally the Bond Bread Factory, 149YK traces the history of this building through the years and its different purposes before ending with the current occupant, the Leeds Motion Capture studio in Yale's Center for Collaborative Arts and Media.

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Solo Performance. Magical Realism.

Pródigos tells the inter-generational story of a Venezuelan Immigrant family by following 5 intimately connected characters and their unique stories of love, loss, and reconciliation. Pródigos seeks to answer questions of reconciliation and forgiveness.

World Premiere March 2019:  Yale College Creative and Performance Arts Award Recipient.

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