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Strings Attached

a play by
Pabich Danyla

June 19, 9:30 pm

June 21, 6:30 pm


"A gorgeous fever dream... Such an epic and also human-scale story of love, sex and family" - Tim Miller, one of the NEA Four

Strings Attached is a solo performance play woven from many intimate stories of love, resilience and severance. Set against the backdrop of a hunting trip in North Georgia,  Strings Attached interrogates the military industrial complex in the gay dating scene. This political drama traces a quarter-life-crisis of a morning, where one man wakes up to discover the man he went to bed with has vanished.

Strings Attached curiously explores how queer love can tear into us, and sew us back together again.

Join Chayton, a Yale-trained actor, for his homecoming performance, as he shares laughs and reflections through each stage of his life and his relationships, all while obsessively checking his phone for this man to text him back.

Out Front Theatre’s Lavender Fest is one of the few spaces in America to explicitly feature new and bold queer work and will bring multiple generations of storytellers, creators, and artists from across the US & Canada to Atlanta to experiment and explore from June 19 – 23rd. 

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This world premiere was made possible through the generosity of Out Front Theatre, A Grape View Tours, and the support of patrons like you.


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